by Sophie Haxworth

with illustrations by Angela Giraldo

Speed says the machine

in tongues of stitches stitches stitches

like ants in haste to nowhere

along scurried lines of sleeve

while rows of metal voices

in the syncopated rhythm

of many running feet

are saying speed.

It’s de rigueur. It’s à la mode.

Taste the flavours of their chic,

words to savour from your folds

of lavender-scented vogue.

Revel in your opulence

for every passerby;

you exist in the caesura,

a fabric-rustling sigh.

It’s ripping time’s own fabric

at hypersonic speed

showrooms hear the static

tessellate chromatic scenes

and radar guns shoot

a hostile gaze at yester-shades

while flashes of colour

blur every hue but green.

Wear that speed. Wear it slow.

Frame its leisurely repose,

Wring a moment out for time

indulging in a strut’s design:

an amble, stride, a linger here

before the final pose.

Pieces of the crowd’s delight

cling to you, accessorise;

slowly they will comprehend

the speed bump speed forebodes.

Sophie is a poet and all round words-enthusiast who particularly enjoys using them for good, but can also be found using them to spout nonsensical musings or attempting to start serious conversations about art at social gatherings. Follow her doing all of the above on instagram @haxwordth.

Angela Giraldo is a graduate geographer with a recently found interest in the digital art world. When she isn't feeling particularly creative, she is reading all things climate change related or practising her French words. In the future, she hopes to showcase her work more publicly but for now, keep an eye out for her illustrations on imprint mag.zine!