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About Us

On a Saturday morning, I’ll often be the first in the paper shop collecting the Guardian, and will spend a lazy few hours reading the supplements with a several course breakfast. Later, I’ll browse online magazines, reading everything from opinion pieces to interviews to fashion segments or celebrity gossip. I love the joy journalism brings to my weekend, but with this also came a frustration.

Why was I being marketed fast fashion brands and encouraged to purchase never-ending new pieces to update my already sufficient wardrobe? Why were the links in articles that recommended everything from films to books to yoga mats sending me to Amazon? Why was sustainability and activism an afterthought, a one-off article imploring me to do more for the planet before I turned the page and was confronted with yet more consumerism?


This is where the idea for imprint came from. It aims to be everything your weekend reading should be - informative, entertaining, beautifully curated - and more. It aims to empower you, to inspire you, to encourage you to consider your imprint upon the world and make concrete and lasting changes in your own life. It aims to be a call to action. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together.


Web Assistant

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Kezia Rice


Kezia is an avid reader of fiction, non-fiction and journalism alike who sometimes puts pen to paper herself. She is happiest finding greenery on her runs and swimming everywhere from Lancashire rivers to Berlin lakes or Croatian beaches.


Head of Editorial


Head of Marketing

Anna Gniwotta


Anna is a recent Lancaster University Geography graduate with a passion for sustainable business and emissions profiling. She can be found sewing accessories, watercolour painting, reading or taking film photos whilst on her travels - have a look

Kate Balding


 Half Irish, half Kiwi, Kate is a planet-loving, debate-haver who peaked in life when she interviewed Sir David Attenborough for her BSc now many years ago. Her writing includes POV: You're Unemployed With Me, & From the Reconciliation Room

or you can find her at 

@kate.balding & @katesallforms

Alisha Sparkes


From sunny South Wales, Alisha is an English undergrad who is currently undertaking an MSc in Marketing. As a true Aquarius, her interests lie in the arts, social activism, spirituality and sustainability. She also has a Blue Peter badge! You can find her at @alishajadesparkes and @digitalistamarketing


Social Media

and Graphics

Izzy Harbinson


Izzy is a recent English graduate with a passion for cinematography who enjoys writing about film and political issues. When not teaching herself to design Instagram posts you can find her reading, talking about astrology or joining Kez for a river swim!

Sophie pic.jpeg


Sophie Haxworth


Sophie is a poet and all round words-enthusiast who particularly enjoys using them for good, but can also be found using them to spout nonsensical musings or attempting to start serious conversations about art at social gatherings. Follow her doing all of the above on instagram @haxwordth.


Social Media

Anna Dyet


Anna is working for Lush before starting a masters course in Sustainable Development later this year. Sun, sea, conservation and arts and crafts are her other main interests, and she has spent lockdown completing online courses in sustainability, sunbathing and wild swimming, and making and selling handmade earrings.



Abi Larner


Originally half-French, half-American, Abi is a UK-based writer who is passionate about women’s rights and building a sustainable and fairer future, one small daily step at a time. You can also find her testing recipes, hiking, or grumbling about the patriarchy. Find her here: @abi.larner,



Social Media

Jay Lynch


Jay studied performance art at university and loves all things creative, in particular dance and movement. They're interested in using art as a medium for awareness and change in social and environmental issues, such as sustainability. Currently, Jay is researching ways to mend and upcycle old clothes in order to move away from fast fashion.


Editor and Media Strategist

Charlotte Hall


Charlotte is an English and German undergrad currently exploring the urban jungle of Berlin for her year abroad.

A ferocious dreamer, writer and secret romantic, she loves exploring themes of nature and identity. She‘s not above a good verbal spat, however, and most of the time can be found debating feminist and environmental issues with her friends and family. 


Editorial Assistant and Diversity Strategist

Hedy Ismaiel


Hedy pursued her studies in Sustainable Management to fight for the issues that matter most to her such as persevering and protecting the environment, and demolishing social injustices. In her free time she loves being surrounded by her friends and engaging in all sorts of activities. Her happy place is definitely the beach and anywhere with puppies.


Web Design

Ellie Leopold


Ellie is passionate about all things health and innovation - she wants to know what health might look like in a future, more equal system. She also looks for any opportunity to do something new in her own life - whether it's wild swimming, wild camping, or in this case, building an online magazine!